1. Dear Mr. President,

    I’m one of millions of concerned citizens, a silent majority, fearfully observing our Federal Government attacking success to feed failure. Absent any constitutional authority, you wield unchecked power in the acquisition of private sector enterprises, while denying deliberative process to duly elected representatives.

    An overt, orchestrated offensive has been put in place that will, without question, weaken the working class to empower the welfare class. This is a full frontal attack on the American Dream and our founding principles, which Patriots selflessly fought for from our country’s inception through today.

    Mr. President, you magisterially peer down your nose, proclaiming to citizens that our country is in crisis and everyone must, “have some skin in the game” to resolve it. Obviously, you didn’t mean “everyone”. Paying higher tax is the “Patriotic” thing to do, trumpets our Vice President. The mystical solution you offer is for an irresponsibly bankrupt federal government to tax, spend and borrow at historically, unprecedented levels. This defies all logic and credibility. You foolishly insult people’s intelligence. Is that your tax-cheating administration’s plan to increase stock value in American made pitchforks?

    I’m not sure who is more criminally negligent, the Federal Government or constitutionally protected liberal propagandists, disguised as “journalists”, who promote your utopian, socialist agenda.

    Wyoming is the only State in America that doesn’t tax income, operating a budget surplus. Therefore, States whose uninformed citizens elected pandering politicians who implemented unsustainable, socialist, policies need to sweep their own dirty floors.

    Democrats had no constitutional authority to demand private sector banks approve risky loans via the ‘Community Reinvestment Act’. You lack moral authority to blame anyone but yourselves for the consequence of your failed social engineering experiment, to do so is profoundly unethical and contemptible.

    Mr. President, we don’t work for you, Acorn, Planned Parenthood, Hamas, hysterical environmentalists, failed banks, Detroit automakers, NPR, lousy school systems, uninsured citizens, unemployed citizens, irresponsible citizens, uneducated citizens, substance abusing citizens or illegal aliens posing as citizens.

    Congratulations Sir, you won the election but neutered your income...


    Lisa Ray

  2. A Tea Party in the wild west. Just what this country needs. Glad to see it. Ran across this on zazzle and thought I woud call it to your attention, also a Wyoming version.


  3. I am so glad to see something local. Thanks for organizing. Let's rally the state by July 4th and get a large and noisy (but polite as we conservatives usually are) group to show the government how we feel about all this!

  4. You need to get this information out more. I new these were going on, and took me awhile to find you. There are a few sites you can send an email to and they will advertise for you.
    Just check it out. Are you trying to set up any type of RSVP system so you can have an accurate coount? Let me know if I can help in anyway. I am a stay at home dad, so I have a lot of time.

  5. So glad Wyoming is going to stand up and be heard. I had a hard time finding this site, hope word on this gets out through other means. See you all in July, other wise, we will be mailing our tea bags to D.C. on April 1st.

  6. I would like to participate. I am tired of a government who does not represent me, but a self serving interest. we need to clean house completely.

  7. Mr. President, I am too one of many Americans that do not like the direction our country is headed in. I encourage you to listen to some true wisdom. We will follow for only so long then we will have an issue with the Democratic Party. Quit whining about what you inherited, stop taking advantage of people who pay their bills for those who do not.

  8. Lisa,
    I commend you for your efforts to proclaim the truth about the direction our country is headed. I believe that we as patriots have to protect the democratic principles on which America was founded, or we will find ourselves living in an alien nation that we don't recognize. A great place to start is to
    return to our forefathers' notion that taxation without representation leads to
    tyranny! I plan to participate in the symbolic protest of mailing my teabag to Washington on April 1 and I will also attend
    the teaparty in Cheyenne on July 4!

  9. I will work to get the word out on this. Would it not be more effective to do this on April 15th? Not nearly as much time to prepare but it would mesh with many others taking place the same day.

    Be sure to send those tea bags to Washington on the 1st of April.

    1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
    Washington , D.C. 20500


  10. FYI, I added a link to your tea parties on the community site CheyenneWyoming.US. I even put together an inspiring tea party photo to help people with the tax day fun.

  11. Go, Tea-Party-Hardy, go!!! No one can stop U.S.!!! If the super-wealthy-33 think they have control, they're sadly MissGuided. God bless you and all who stand for what the Revolutionary War was fought against. Live free or DIE. PS See 'peace-de-resistance' first. Thank you. And as Ghandi once sed, 'Let's kick some ass' --- The funny thing is, now I’m on BIG, BAD Janet’s list of bloody terrorists even though I’m a head-injured-wetard for speak’n the TRUTH. Most of U.S. are controlled, conformed, walking ‘the Wall’ to our demise: rise above, America. Think summore past the vastly impotent, world government; don’t do the suicidal, whorizontal reality; and please don’t get played like a HAARP. Hope you got something outta this I-candy: Truth Shall Set You Free.